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Find the Final Agenda of the SCM Course below or download it on .pdf format in the following link:

SCM Course Final Agenda


SCM Course, June 6 – 10, Thessaloniki, Greece

Monday June 6


9.30  Culture and Sustainability

   Alison Tickell, Sholeh Johnston, Iphigenia Taxopoulou, Prof. Dimitrios Vlachos: Introductions and Context Setting

Welcome greetings from associate partners


10.30               Why We Are Here: the big picture

An overview of climate change and the environment, causes and consequences, and the challenges of globalization and growth


11.30               Introduction to culture and sustainability

Culture and sustainable development

An overview of definitions, history, policy and the emergent cultural movement


13.00               Lunch


14.00               Horizons: where are you?


15.20               “Measure to manage”: why it matters

Overview of tools and processes to understand, measure and prioritise environmental action


18.00               End / Rest


20.00               Pre-dinner informal gathering


20.30               Free time / Dinner



Tuesday June 7


09.30               Reflections


10.00               The Big Ones: Buildings!

Energy, water, waste management and capital redevelopment.


Prof Nicolas Moussiopoulos, Prof Agis Papadopoulos

Prof EleftheriosIakovou / Prof. Dimitrios Vlachos

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Dept of Mechanical Engineering


13.00               Lunch



14.00               Sustainability and the Great Outdoors

Steve Taylor: Ideeasnet


16.15               Introduction To The Circular Economy

Sholeh Johnston: Julie’s Bicycle


16.45               Circularity in Action: Sustainable Production

Guest speaker: Ian Garrett,

Centre for Sustainable Production, USA (skype)


18.00               End / Rest


20.00               Pre-dinner informal gathering


20.30               Free time / Dinner



Wednesday June 8


09.30               Reflections


10.00               Touring: dilemma or delight?

Introduction to sustainable mobility, the cultural, practical and artistic responses to will support sustainable mobility and touring productions

Case Study: LSO/Paines Plough


11.30               Break


11.50               “Shifting Values“

Alison Tickell/Sholeh Johnston


13.00               Lunch


14.00               Changing attitudes, changing behaviours

David Willans


16.20               Case Studies – A Greek “green” venture

Iphigenia Taxopoulou


18.00               End / Rest


19.30               Visit to the Thessaloniki Seafront Promenade

An award-winning urban project for a more sustainable city


20.30               Dinner



Thursday June 9


09.30               Reflections


10.00               Artists and activism

The Narrative through content: what can we do?

Charlotte Webster, Human Nature


13.00               Lunch


14.30               Change in Action: Three Perspectives

  • Lukas Crepaz: Culture through Change, Change through Culture – IBA Emscherpark, Ruhrtriennale and Urban Arts Ruhr
  • Andreas Wanke: Sustainable Management at FreieUniversität Berlin
  • Paul Jozefowski: NT Future – a holistic approach on transforming the National Theatre London


18.00               End / Rest


20.00               Pre-dinner informal gathering


20.30               Free time / Dinner



Friday June 10


09.30               Reflections


10.00               Student Preparation for Presentations – facilitators: SholehJohhston, Iphigenia Taxopoulou, Lukas Crepaz, Andreas Wanke, Paul Jozefowski

Reflect your own organization: What is your field of action and the special context within your organization?

Which project would you possibly try to start when going home?


11.30               Student Presentations


12.15               Group Discussions: Learning from each other


13.30               Lunch


14.30               Feedback and reflections from the power presentations


16.20               Final reflections


17.30               End / Rest


21.00               Dinner


Saturday June 11: Departures

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