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mitos21mitos21 is a network of some of Europe’s most influential theatre institutions. Its main objective is to create artistic instances where theatre professionals can meet, collaborate and work together, as well as jointly question and reconsider the role of theatre in contemporary society from their respective, diverse and unique professional backgrounds and experiences. The network’s activities place special emphasis on cross-border collaboration, peer-learning, as well as supporting the younger generations of artists and theatre professionals. Many among the members of mitos21 are at the forefront of embedding sustainability into their business models. The network’s 2013 “Sustainability and Culture Conference”, in partnership with Heinrich Böll Stiftung Greece and Goethe Institut Thessaloniki, brought international delegates to Thessaloniki to look at sustainability holistically, connecting the environmental, social and economic factors and showcasing best practice from within and beyond the network, and across Europe.

mitos21 has also established a “Green Managers” network, whose meeting in Paris, in October 2015, was part of the ArtCOP21 festival.

For more information:

Contact person: Iphigenia Taxopoulou, General Secretary



Julie’julies bicycles Bicycle is a leading global charity bridging the gap between environmental sustainability and the creative industries. Our aim is a creative community with sustainability at its heart and our goal is to provide the inspiration, expertise and resources to make that happen.

Julie’s Bicycle has an unmatched track record of research specific to the arts which underpins everything we do. Our team combines environmental and creative expertise and our website constitutes the most comprehensive sustainability resource for the arts anywhere in the world. We have worked directly with over 1,000 cultural organisations across the UK and internationally,
combining advocacy at the highest levels with hands-on practical support. We mentor leading individuals and support hundreds of organisations to measure, manage and reduce their
environmental impacts. Over 2,500 companies, large and small use the Creative IG Tools, our suite of carbon calculators and our certification scheme is the recognised benchmark for sustainability achievement within the creative industries.

We believe the creative community are uniquely placed to transform environmental sustainability from a peripheral issue to the central organising principle for our sector.

For more information:

Contact person: Sholeh Johnston, Head of Creative Programmes



μηχανολογοιThe School of Mechanical Engineering of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, in its 40+years of operation, has contributed significantly to the development of the science and practice of Mechanical Engineering throughout Greece. The School has established itself as a leading unit of excellence both in Greece but also in the competitive global academic environment providing high-quality student-centric education, keeping abreast with the dynamic changes of the economic and technological landscape. 

Several units of the School are active in sustainability-related issues. Specifically, the Laboratory of Quantitative Methods and Supply Chain Management, the Process Equipment Design Laboratory, and the Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering have participated in several projects on sustainable supply chain management, energy efficiency in buildings, and waste management. Moreover, the School participates among others in two master programs on “Cultural management” and on the “Protection, Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Monuments”.

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Contact person: Prof. Dimitrios Vlachos



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