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Course leaders

Iphigenia Taxopoulou, General Secretary of mitos21, a European network of national and public theatres.

Alison Tickell, Director, and Sholeh Johnston, Head of Creative Programmes, at Julie’s Bicycle, the UK’s leading organisation on sustainability and the creative sector.

Guest lecturers

The academic team of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, representing the School of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Department:

  • Professors: Eleftherios Iakovou and Dimitrios Vlachos (Laboratory of Quantitative Analysis, Logistics and Supply Chain Management)
  • Professors: Agis Papadopoulos and Nicolas Moussiopoulos (Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering)


Lukas Crepaz, Managing Director, Kultur Ruhr, Germany: RuhrTriennale – International Festival of the Arts, Urban Arts Ruhr, ChorWerk Ruhr, Tanzlandschaft Ruhr

Ian Garrett, Co-founder and director of the Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts (CSPA), USA, and Assistant Professor of Ecological Design for Performance at York University, Toronto

Paul Jozefowski, “Green” manager of the National Theatre London, Deputy Project Director, NT Future

Steve Taylor, Ideeas ltd / Environmentalist and economic development advisor / focus: developing, assisting and implementing sustainability projects & arts events and festivals. Winner Glasgow Business Awards – Scottish Power Green Champion 2014

Andreas Wanke, Director, Sustainability and Energy Management Unit, Freie Universitat Berlin

Charlotte Webster, Artist, Founder & Director of Human Nature, the environmental art platform. Over ten years experience in sustainability communications, with a Bsc. in Geographical Science; ex Head of PR of Solarcentury, founder of communications consultancy Good Shout Studio

David Willans, JB Associate, Director of Kin&Co, brand and communications expert specialising in sustainability   

Download the biographical notes of the Lecturers of the SCM Course on .pdf format in the following link:

SCM Course Lecturers Bio

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